[ Smart Angel ] Portable Baby Bed (Chicks Design)

[ Smart Angel ] Portable Baby Bed (Chicks Design)

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【[Size] Body (in bed): W46 x L80 x H22 cm
Blanket: W90 x L115cm
Pillow: W24 x L38 cm
Diaper change sheet: W44 x L79 cm
Mattress: W45 x L80 x T3 cm

[Laundry symbol]
Body, blanket, pillow, pillow cover, mattress cover, diaper change sheet: Hand washable
Mattress: not washable

・ Four convenient Thailands!
・ With a cute chick pattern blanket
・ The main body is a reversible Thailand that can be used on both sides.
・ Covers will be delivered in the already set state.
* Do not use for lying down on infants.

Portable to bring around! Super light and easy to fix them