[ Smart Angel ] Buggy Fan Long Plus G Stroller

[ Smart Angel ] Buggy Fan Long Plus G Stroller

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-Loose size that can be used up to 36 months!
・ GOOD DESIGN Award Winner
・ Large spread hood
・ Ultra light body with aluminum frame!
-Safe driving with large tires.
・ Removable cushion sheet
・ Nishimatsuya original finger scissor prevention safety frame
・ With shopping basket (up to 5kg loading capacity)

The unique frame prevents finger pinching when folded.
-A large sunshade blocks UV rays from the front and sides.
-Removable and breathable mesh sheet.
-Stable running is possible by using large tires.
-With a basket that can store up to 5 kg.
-A long-use type that can be used for up to 36 months (15 kg). Long-use Thailand of the buggy fan series, which has sold more than 400,000 units

[ Size ( cm ) ]
Open : W48x D85 x H103 cm
Closed : W24x D26x H116 cm
[ Seat Size ]
Base color surface Seat のHeight : About 44〜45cm
Seat Depth : About 30cm
Seat Width : About 31.5cm
[ Main Unit weight ]
[ basket capacity ]

Target age : 7-36 months
Adaptation weight : Within 15kg
Size (open) : W48 × D85 × H103cm
Size (closed) : W24 × D26 × H116cm

Car : Aluminum Iron
Resin : Polypropylene APOM EVA
Fabric : Polyester